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Deliver Better Customer Experience with Real Time Interaction Management

Contact Center employees are under a lot of pressure. Customers expect that they can recall the right information at the right time during the interaction, be it customer data, past interactions or product information. How can you help your employees accomplish that?

A customer calls your service center to change to a different contract. In order to process this request, the agent has to check the customer's data in the CRM, check if the desired contract is available for that particular customer, calculate the price of the new contract based on the customer's data and then file the relevant information for the contract change to be completed.

Interactions similar to this one happen daily in thousands of companies: A lot of applications are necessary in order to complete a customer request. 

However, swiftness of service is ever more important. Customers expect employees to know about their past transactions with your company. Information should be available immediately at the right point of the customer interaction.

The Problem: Information is Scattered

The problem a lot of employees face every day is that the information they need is scattered across different applications. It has to be found first, and that often involves opening different applications, logging in, less than intuitive search mechanisms etc. It takes time and effort and often means that the customer has to wait - or be asked the same information multiple times, for instance if the use of one application requires the customer ID again.

The customer, on the other hand, is left wondering: Why do I have to give them my ID again? Why can't he give me the right rate immediately? 

The Solution: Present Information at a Glance

In order to assist your employees, the necessary information should be easily accessible, if possible from a single dashboard. No logging in and out or clicking between different applications should be necessary.

Real Time Interaction Management helps you with that. Using RTIM, processes are partially automated. Instead of an employee having to log into different software in search of information, RTIM's digital robots can do that for them. 

These robots mimic human behaviour and access the information like a human employee, using the frontend. They log on, extract the right information and present it to the agent directly during the customer intreraction. If an employee enters data changes, the robot immediately logs them in all the relevant systems. That way, you spare your employee time consuming post-process administrative work and avoid copy-paste mistakes.

And: the employee is free to concentrate more on the customer, increasing customer satisfaction.

Do you want to know more about how RTIM can help your employees deliver better customer experience?

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Sara Gebhardt      18. November 2015


Sara Gebhardt

Sara Gebhardt

Sara started working as Marketing Manager at ALMATO in 2015.

She has a M.A. in International Cultural and Business Studies. As part of a Double Degree Programme she spent a year in Scotland and wrote her thesis on What Would Bond Buy? An Investigation Into Young Consumers' Attitudes Towards Product Placement in Films.

After her studies, she moved to Belgium and worked for a software company as Business Developer for Germany and Spain, before moving back to her beautiful home city of Stuttgart. In her free time, she reads obsessively across all genres.