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Press Review: Robotic Process Automation Advancing Across All Industries

In this month's review, we look at what today's bots are able to accomplish and in which industries they are gaining ground.

Nowadays, there are numerous advantages of Robotic Process Automation thatreach far beyond cost savings. High quality, exceptional speed, no errors and improvement of compliance are just some of them. The technology helps companies improve their efficency as well as their effectivity.

Nearly every industry has processes that are suitable for the use of Robotic Process Automation. Those processes have to fulfill certain criteria, including a high degree of standardization, repeatability and definability. The pharmaceutical industry for example represents a perfect use case (link in german) with its time-consuming and personnel demanding research processes.

Robots have already taken their place in auditing (link in german). They are mostly integrated in processes that include communication with clients and data analysis. This development demands high investments in the future and will alter consulting business in the long-term.

The healthcare industry has great potential for the use of Robotic Process Automation, too. In billing and payment processing as well as in appointment scheduling, bots are providing huge value to organizations by reducing the complexity of those processes. Bots can even be implemented in client interaction processes, for example by providing educational or informational material.

In retail, gaining customer insights is very important. A combination of Robotic Process Automation, Analytics and Cloud Computing (RAC) has proven to be effective in this context.

The application of Robotic Process Automationalters the labour market respectively. You can already see the changes today. Although many people are worried about this, there is no justified reason for their fears. The development simply requires rethinking and restructuring of workforce. 

The growing number of application fields shows that RPA is already well established in the market and has passed the state of being a trend. And still, the potential of the technology is far from being exhausted.

Do you want to know more about Robotic Process Automation? Have a look at our datasheet:

RPA Datasheet

Peter Beckschaefer      19. July 2016


Peter Beckschaefer

Peter Beckschaefer

Peter Beckschaefer is a Sales Manager at ALMATO

Peter started his career in banking and then studied business studies at the University of Tuebingen. After successfully completing his studies, he worked as a marketing consultant for banks before switching to the world of call centers in 2004, when he started as Accoung Manager at EXCELSIS Information Systems.

Since 2006 Peter Beckschaefer consults ALMATO's clients in the implementation of innovative Robotic Process Automation and Contact Center solutions.