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Press Review: What You Should Know About Implementing Robotic Process Automation

In this month's press review, we share articles from CIO, Accenture and the Harvard Business Review explaining what you should consider when implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

In an increasingly complex process environment, automation is the perfect way tosave costs as well as process times. Through the automation of structured, repetitive tasks, resources can be used for more complex, value-adding work. The Shared Services Network presents five more reasons for implementing RPA in their article 5 Reasons RPA Should be on Your Agenda.

Business Process Automation Prozesse automatisieren RPA Business Process Automation IT process automation . 

When implementing or planning to introduce automation, many companies struggle with prejudices and fears. However, as TechGig explains, automation does not necessarily have to mean the loss of jobs. Instead, it means that certain repetitive and structured tasks will be left to the robots.

The Harvard Business Review also considered automation and explains thatin almost every occupation there are tasks that could be automated. They argue that this is not necessarily a bad thing, since employees gain time for more complex, strategically important tasks. They also explain the upside of automating part of your job in a short video.

 Prozesse automatisieren RTIM Call Center Software Prozessautomatisierung Business Automation Software .

Once those fears are overcome, it is time for the actual implementation. CIO shares 4 things CIOs need to know about implementing automation. While the title adresses CIOs, the recommendations aren't technical and therefore also interesting for the business side. 

CIO recommends researching and comparing different tools. Not every company that claims to be capable of Robotic Process Automation is actually offering RPA. Another important point they make is that it is important to think of RPA as more than cost reductions. Instead, the processes themselves should be analyzed and optimized in order to achieve truly digital, effective processes.

Accenture also argues that if businesses automate processes without evaluating and analyzing them first, they miss out on a lot of RPA's potential. By carefully picking the right process, companies avoid automating the wrong ones.

The article A quick startup guide to enterprise wide Robotics Process Automation by Virtusa offers a good overview and a roadmap for the implementation of RPA.

Would you like to know more about how you can implement Robotic Process Automation in your company?

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Sara Gebhardt      24. March 2016


Sara Gebhardt

Sara Gebhardt

Sara started working as Marketing Manager at ALMATO in 2015.

She has a M.A. in International Cultural and Business Studies. As part of a Double Degree Programme she spent a year in Scotland and wrote her thesis on What Would Bond Buy? An Investigation Into Young Consumers' Attitudes Towards Product Placement in Films.

After her studies, she moved to Belgium and worked for a software company as Business Developer for Germany and Spain, before moving back to her beautiful home city of Stuttgart. In her free time, she reads obsessively across all genres.