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Robots on Tour: the Robotics Roadshow 2017

For the last two weeks, the ALMATO team travelled through Germany to show Robotic Process Automation. Three events in Munich, Berlin and Cologne provided the opportunity for participants to get to know more about Robotic Process Automation, get practical tipps on implementation and were shown how to built a robot in 30 minutes.

 Robotic Process Automation is the fully automated handling of structured business processes through software - so-called digital robots. The technology is gaining traction in Germany, as the increasing digitalization means companies that do not adapt quickly enough to new challenges risk to founder.

This is where automation plays a key strategic role. Processing digital data faster automatically leads to significant competitive advanges. Automation means faster processing times, lower costs and reduced error rates. It also helps employees: by automating the structured, high-volume tasks, they can focus more on value-adding, varied work. 

These advantages were shown in detail to the participants of the roadshow. Customer presentations of ALMATO customers such as TÜV SÜD, Thomas Cook, Geoban and Deutsche Telekom impressively showed what kind of quality improvements and process time reductions could be achieved with Robotic Process Automation.

And as the roadshow also showed: there are no excuses. Every business has structured processes that can and should be automated. And it isn't as difficult as it may seem. Thomas Sellner, Head of Software Consulting at ALMATO automated a short process live in only 30 minutes.

With the right technical expertise and experience automation projects can be implemented in weeks - unlike more classical IT projects, that are measured in months or years. And automation helps by unburdening the IT department and enabling them to focus on their core projects. One thing is certain: the advantages of automation are manifold - but it is important to have the right partner. Someone like ALMATO, with a strong team of experts and the necessary experience to support customers in automating complex processes.

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Sara Gebhardt      23. May 2017


Sara Gebhardt

Sara Gebhardt

Sara started working as Marketing Manager at ALMATO in 2015.

She has a M.A. in International Cultural and Business Studies. As part of a Double Degree Programme she spent a year in Scotland and wrote her thesis on What Would Bond Buy? An Investigation Into Young Consumers' Attitudes Towards Product Placement in Films.

After her studies, she moved to Belgium and worked for a software company as Business Developer for Germany and Spain, before moving back to her beautiful home city of Stuttgart. In her free time, she reads obsessively across all genres.