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Real Time Authentication (RTA)

Fast and secure authentication.

Currently, authentication processes take far too long and are very unpopular amongst both customers and employees. Noone ever remembers their customer ID, it has to be looked for before every contact. And passwords are no good alternative: people have to remember too many of them already.

However, authentication is essential to protect sensitive customer information. Compliance with authentication rules is important not only for legal reasons but also because the customer's trust is at stake.

What if there's a better way to authenticate customers?

Real-Time Authentication offers just that. RTA combines voice biometrics with other real-time capabilities to automatically authenticate the caller. It happens in the first few seconds of the call and is completely unobtrusive: no passwords necessary. Employees are then informed through a pop-up whether the authentication was successful.

Real Time Authentication: Quicker. Easier. More secure.

Your Benefits

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Reduce AHT

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Easy Implementation

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Secure Authentication

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Efficient Authentication

How Does RTA Work?

In the first seconds of the customer interaction, RTA compares the caller's voice with the customer voiceprint, reflecting their unique biometric characteristics. This kind of authentication is more secure and accurate than other methods. RTA can even distinguish voices that sound identical to the human ear. After just a few seconds of a natural conversation, RTA notifies the employee whether the authentication was successful and the caller is really the customer.

Real Time authentication: Quicker. Easier. More secure.

More About RTA

More Information

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