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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate standard processes.

A variety of time and cost-intensive business and administration processes exist in your company. You realize that manually processing of these is expensive. But what can you do? Live with the costs? Outsource? Or do you want to try something better?

Robotic Process Automation is a new, innovative solution for the fully automated handling of business and administrative processes through virtual robots. Without changing your existing IT infrastructure.

The robots use all applications necessary for the completion of a process just like a human would. They communicate with all relevant systems, gather information, and update data where necessary. Business and administrative processes can be completed fully with automation.

And that's not all: the robots work fast, 24/7, make no mistakes, and document everything consistently - automatically of course.

Well-known companies are already saving significantly thanks to Robotic Process Automation by ALMATO. Let's identify the potential for your company together.

Your Benefits

RPA RTIM Business Process Automation Prozesse automatisieren Call Center Software .
Cost reduction

Business Process Automation IT process automation Call Center Software RTIM Prozesse automatisieren .
Increased efficiency

Prozesse automatisieren RPA Business Process Automation Call Center Software RTIM .
Increased capacity

Business Process Automation Business Process Automation Prozesse automatisieren Business Automation Software RTIM .

Business Process Automation Prozesse automatisieren Call Center Software IT process automation RPA .
Fast time to market

Call Center Software RPA Business Process Automation Prozessautomatisierung Business Automation Software .
Data security

Do you face these challenges?

High Costs

Digital robots can handle monotonous tasks error free, 24/7, at competitive prices.

Error sensitive processes

In today's stressful working environment it's easy for data to be input wrongly. This can result in grave negative consequences. Digital robots don't make mistakes. With them, you avoid increased work for error correction.

Little time for meaningful work

Due to all the administrative tasks your employees have to complete, there's often little time left for more important tasks: value-adding, innovative work. By using our digital robots for monotonous administrative work, your employees are free to do what they were hired to do: meaningful work.

Chase after Backlog

Backlogs happen for a variety of reasons. They can't always be anticipated and often happen spontaneously. Our digital robots are easily scalable and can work off backlogs.

IT Can't Keep Up

A company's IT infrastructure has so many tasks, there's often no time to optimize single processes, sending them to the bottom of the priority list. With Robotic Process Automation, ALMATO offers a standardized, tried and tested solution that can be implemented by the business side. IT only has to provide the necessary infrastructure.

Time to Market

Flexibility is crucial for companies today, and processes can change quickly. However, implementating changes takes too long. With our digital robots, you can easily adapt the workflow yourself and radically reduce the time to market.

How does RPA work?

Switch on your speakers or plug in the headphones, sit back, and enjoy. Our film shows you how Robotic Process Automation works and how RPA can support your business.

    Customer Testimonial

  • Customer Testimonials

    „We chose ALMATO after a successful proof of concept. Together with ALMATO, we automated a central process that was full of unnecessary interfaces, sources of error, and time delays. With ALMATO, we successfully optimized the process in a very short time.“

    Guido Reiter
    Head of Lean Continental Europe, Thomas Cook

  • RPA Testimonial

  • Customer Testimonials

    „RPA integrated seamlessly with our complex system environment. By automating key processes with high volume we were able to achieve significant cost and time reductions after just a short time.“

    Christoph Bill
    Head of Infrastructure & Workflowmanagement, Deutsche Telekom

More About RPA

More Information

Do you want to know more about Robotic Process Automation? Would you like an overview? Then download our RPA data sheet.

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